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сряда, 6 октомври 2010 г.

Отново промени от CEIOPS - QIS5 related webpages (05.10.2010)

Dear QIS5 stakeholders,

Please be informed as to the following updates available on webpage QIS5
- Spreadsheets & IT tools: (Link:

1. QIS5 spreadsheets have been updated (V5).
As indicated in the history tab of the updater the changes compared to the
version published on 28 September (V4) are the following:
- fixed the calculation of the reconciliation reserve in the I. Valuation
- updated some formulas in the overview tab.
2. The excel file related to the qualitative questionnaire (excel file) was
updated to allow reporting figures in LTL and LVL.
3. In the natural catastrophe helper tab, in the tab NATCAT_SCR_FINAL,
earthquake and flood have been inverted to have the same order as in the
correlation matrix used for the aggregation and the core spreadsheets.
4. The concentration risk helper tab has been changed to allow the
calculation of the threshold for counterparties rated "B or lower -


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