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сряда, 6 октомври 2010 г.

Отново промени в елктронните таблизи от CEIOPS - QIS5 related webpages (06.10.2010)

Dear QIS5 stakeholders,
Please be informed that QIS5 spreadsheets has been updated (V6). The update
aims to ensure that the reconciliation reserve is based on the difference
between current accounting bases and QIS5 valuation and to adjust the
property risk formula to avoid negative risk charges.
The updater file has also been modified accordingly.
Please note all documents are available on QIS5 - Spreadsheets and IT

)tools webpage. CEIOPS does not expect further updates for IT tools
available on this page.

For your information and potential use, an overview of all QIS5 related
documents is available here.


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