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четвъртък, 23 септември 2010 г.

Нова редкация на електронните таблици за QIS5

CEIOPS публикува нови редакция на елктронните таблици във връзка с QIS5
(Solvency II)

-----Original Message-----
From: CEIOPS [mailto:qis5-mailings@ceiops.eu]
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2010 4:01 PM
To: Mr. Bozhidar Parvanov
Subject: QIS5 News alert - Update of QIS5 main spreadsheets and release of
data collection template for non-life and health-non-S

Dear QIS5 stakeholders,
CEIOPS has updated the main spreadsheet to be used by solo undertakings and
groups to complete their QIS5 submission including tools to migrate the
data from the previous version. The "QIS5 transfer tool" tool functions
like the one release on 7 September by moving the data into the updated
version. The "QIS5Updater.xls" upgrades the 7 September version into the
one released today.
Please be informed that the following tools/documents have been updated on
CEIOPS website:
- helper tab - Risk margin
- helper tab - Cat_Nat
- helper tab - Cat_Man_Made
- helper tab - counterparty default risk (addition of CZ and DK
currencies as well as inclusion of non rated counterparties subject to
Solvency 2)
- qualitative questionnaire excel (only QG2 in the group tab has been
- Q&A document
When delivering its advice for L2 measures, CEIOPS committed to carry out a
comprehensive revision of the non-life and health-non-SLT calibration in
the framework of QIS5.
For this purpose, CEIOPS has been cooperating in the past weeks with
stakeholders and European Commission to produce a data request at EU level
covering as wide a range of undertakings (of all types and sizes) and
Member States as possible (please see CEIOPS note for futher details).
For that purpose, Undertakings are requested to submit their data in the
data collection template published today to their national supervisors as
part of the QIS5 exercise - with an extended submission date for this
specific data requirement of 30 of November of 2010. The submission dates
for the main spreadsheets and qualitative questionnaires remain unchanged
(end of October for solo undertakings and mid of November for groups).


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