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вторник, 28 септември 2010 г.

НОВИ ПРОМЕНИ от CEIOPS - QIS5 related webpages

Dear QIS5 stakeholders,

Please be informed as to the following updates on CEIOPS - QIS5 related

a) Technical Specifications: a link to the errata to the technical
specification published by the European Commission on 27 September.

b) Spreadsheets and IT Tools: QIS5 spreadsheets have been updated (V4).

As indicated in the history tab of the updater the changes compared to the
version published on 23 September (V3) are the following:
- synchronise MKTint formula with the errata (20100927 update) to the
technical specifications;
- Calculate reconciliation reserve based on current accounting bases
instead of solvency I valuation principles;
- Fix the health volatilities calculation in SF.SCR_G H652:H655;
- Fix the formula in SF.MCR_G that collect the internal model SCR.

To update the V2 (published on the 7 of September) and later spreadsheets,
it is advised to use the QIS5Updater which applies incremental updates on
an existing spreadsheet preserving existing formulas and existing links
rather than the transfer tool that allows to transfer data already
existing from a QIS5 v1 spreadsheet (published on the 24 of August) into a
V2 spreadsheet (published on the 7 of September)

Finally, the template for non-life and health-non-SLT calibration data
collection has been updated to allow data to be reported in all the
currencies of the core spreadsheets.


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